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The Separate Leagues in FIFA 16

Mens teams would beat a women's team irl. that has no bearing on playing as women on FIFA. You probably won't even be able to play men against women, it'll be its own separate leagues just like FUT16coin Mobille. Men being better than women at football has no bearing on them being in the game. Women's football is getting more popular by the day, a lot of these women are stars in their own right. It was only a matter of time before they were put in FIFA.

literally the top comment right now is


Why would you want to play as women when their male counterparts are largely superior to them in virtually every aspect?

its like saying there shouldnt be league 2 sides in the game because "barca are largely superior to them in virtually every aspect"

who gives a shit its a fucking game, football is football.


i want to play as women and a lot of other people do. just like some people enjoy playing third division italian leagues, it has little to no bearing on the actual mechanics of the Fifa 16 news. you guys are so male centric that you can't even envision a world in which people would want to play a video game as women, even if it meant, gasp, that it won't be 100% just like real life.

you really worried about "realism" in a game where mario balotelli is a world beater in any career mode you play?



I'd much rather EA spend their time fixing the damn game and improving its next iteration mechanically than spend time developing a (IMO pointless) game mode that 99.9% of consumers will play no more than a few times. Why would you want to play as women when their male counterparts are largely superior to them in virtually every aspect?


That's a self-fulfilling prophecy, though. The men's teams have more money, better training, better marketing, etc. Women's teams get much less coverage and have a fraction of the funding, so of course they're going to be watched less and be lower skill level. Not to mention the development of women's soccer is decades behind due to lack of needed infrastructure and training from the very start of women's soccer, as opposed to men's soccer which has been steadily supported for over 150 years. 


That makes a huge difference in the skill set of both the players and the staff. You can't expect women's teams to beat the men's teams if they can't pay for equivalent training and staff. You see the same effect in men's soccer, it's why skilled players leave to go play in Europe rather than stay in their home countries. Pelé wouldn't have been Pelé if he'd been born in Bhutan or American Samoa. All the talent in the world is useless if it's undeveloped.


This is a small step, but it's an important one. The only way to stop the cycle from constantly feeding itself is for someone to take the first step to break it.

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